Q: "Where can I find a pdf copy of the policies included in my ticket envelope to forward to guests?"
A:  The policy page is here for your convenience. 

Q"  "Where can I find a pdf copy of the terms and conditions I signed when ordering my tickets?"
A:   The terms and conditions are here for your convenience.

Q: "How do I become a member of the Virginia Gold Cup Association?"
A: You become a member of the association by purchasing a ticket to one of our races. At the time of ticket purchase, you are also placed on our mailing list. There are no annual dues for members.

Q: "How can I purchase tickets?"
A: There are many different parking pass packages. You may purchase tickets online beginning Monday, January 6, 2020. Tickets will be available at our outlets beginning mid April. 

Q: "What is the reserved space renewal deadline for spring?"
A: The deadline for payment to renew your tent space from last year is Monday, February 17, 2020.  At that time, all unpaid-for spaces will be released for purchase on a first come, first served basis, and immediately assigned to those new guests that are on the "paid waitlist".

Q:  I would like to arrive by UBER / LYFT, How does that work?
All Uber / LYFT may drop off / pick up passengers at Gate 5 on race day.   Cars must be clearly marked with signage.  All passengers coming to the event via UBER / LYFT are required to purchase a Member’s Hill Badge or General Admission Wrist Band before entering the event. 

Q: "If I have a tent/parking space for spring do I have the same space automatically in the fall? And vice versa?"
A: The spring race and the fall race are considered separate. Those guests that purchased a reserved parking space last spring are given the opportunity to purchase that same space the next spring. Guests that purchased a space for the fall race may renew that space next fall by the deadline."

Q: "How can I purchase a ticket?"
A: All tickets may be purchased here through our web site beginning January 6, 2020 for Tent reservations and reserved spaces. General admission passes and Members Hill badges may be purchased at many outlet locations beginning mid-April. You may also purchase tickets via faxed order form. Please fax orders to 540.349.1829. Please contact the VGCA office at 540.347.2612 to be placed on the VGCA mailing list. TICKETS MAY NOT BE PHOTOCOPIED OR DUPLICATED.

Q: "Are Children admitted free of charge?"
A: Children 12 and under are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult.

Q: "How do I find my friend's tent/parking space?"
A: Check the members list and guest map located in the race day program. Programs will be available for purchase on race day.

Q: "There are so many types of tickets, is there an easy way to understand which is which?"
A: The Great Meadow racecourse is divided into three sections (when facing the race course): Members Hill (the center of the course), North Rail area (to the left of Members Hill), and the South Rail (to the right of Members Hill). Members Hill has the best views of the course, and is centered directly on the finish line and next to the saddling paddock. Admission to Members Hill requires a special badge. The types of tickets can be broken down into three groups. General Subscriber - unreserved parking on either the North or South Rail general parking areas, reserved parking - available for all three sections of the racecourse, and tent purchases - also available for all three sections as well.

Q: "When do the gates open, and what is closing time?"
A: Gates open to the public at 10am - All gates will close at 7pm. See Race Day Schedule for day’s activities.

Q: "What time do the races start?"
A: The first race on the card is scheduled for 1pm.

Q: "Are the races ever cancelled?"
A: The races are held rain or shine in any type of weather. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS.

Q: "Is there parking outside the gates?"
A: Parking is not available outside the gates - and would be considered a traffic hazard. The Virginia State Police strictly enforce a towing policy.

Q: "Is there food for sale at the races?"
A:  This year Gold Cup is proud to have joined with Marriott Ranch & Catering Reserved for our Tavern Tents.  Refreshments are available from 11:00AM to 5:00PM during race day.

Q: "Are souvenirs available?"
A: Yes, posters and merchandise like T-shirts, caps, and sweatshirts with the VGCA logo are available for sale in the VGCA tent on Member Hill. Vendors provide wonderful shopping on Members Hill, and on both the North and South Rail. Look for a complete list in your official race program.

Q: "What about caterers?"
A: Marriott Ranch is the official event caterer for Members Hill. Additional official caterers permitted at the Gold Cup races are located on the website under the hospitality section.  

Q: Can I rent tables and chairs?"
A: All tables and chairs must be ordered through the Virginia Gold Cup equipment provider, Commonwealth Event Company. 

Q: "What about restrooms?"
A: While free public sanitary facilities will be available onsite, private portable restrooms may be ordered for tents and some reserved spaces.

Q: "Can I buy ice/beer/wine at the race?"
A: Beer, wine, other beverages and food will be available at "Tavern Tents" . Check the race day program map for locations. We sincerely appreciate your use of litter containers and trash bags. Because of injuries to horses and children involving broken glass, a strict ban will be enforced with a $500 fine for use of beer or other glass bottles.

Q: "What do people wear?"
A: Afternoon dress is suggested for this event. Women guests on Members Hill customarily wear summer/spring dresses and hats. Flat heels are suggested. Men wear lightweight sport coats and ties. Shorts are not appropriate for Members Hill. Attire on the rails is marginally more relaxed - we recommend a sportswear look for women and khakis with collared shirts for men. Jeans are rarely seen at Gold Cup.


Race Sponsors

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