Q:  "Are pets permitted at the event?"
A:  Pets are NOT permitted at the event.  

Q: "How do I become a member of the Virginia Gold Cup Association?"
A: You become a member of the association by purchasing a ticket to one of our races. At the time of ticket purchase, you are also placed on our mailing list. There are no annual dues for members.

Q: "How can I purchase tickets?"
A: From our website or calling our office at 540-347-2612.

Q: "What is the reserved space renewal deadline for fall?"
A: The renewal deadline is Sept. 4, 2024

Q: "If I have a tent/parking space for spring do I have the same space automatically in the fall? And vice versa?"
A: The spring race and the fall race are considered completely separate events. Those guests who purchased a reserved parking space last spring are given the opportunity to purchase that same space the next spring. Guests that purchased a space for the fall race may renew that space next fall by the deadline.

Q: "Are Children admitted free of charge?"
A: Children 12 and under are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult.

Q: "There are so many types of tickets, is there an easy way to understand which is which?"
A: The Great Meadow racecourse is divided into three sections (when facing the race course): Members Hill (the center of the course), North Rail area (to the left of Members Hill), and the South Rail (to the right of Members Hill). Historically, the North Rail has a younger, Washingtonian crowd while the South Rail is a favorite of locals. Members Hill has the best views of the course and is closest to the finish line and next to the saddling paddock and winners circle. 

Q: "When do the gates open, and what is closing time?"
A: Gates open to the public at 10am - All gates will close at 6:00pm. See Race Day Schedule for day’s activities.

Q: "What time do the races start?"
A: Check out the race day schedule on the Race Day page for the most up to date information.

Q: "Are the races ever cancelled?"
A: The races are held rain or shine in any type of weather. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS.

Q: "Is there parking outside the gates?"
A: Parking is NOT available outside the gates - and it is considered a traffic hazard. The Virginia State Police will strictly enforce a towing policy.

Q:  I would like to arrive by UBER / LYFT, How does that work?
A. Rideshare is the ticket you will need to purchase for the driver to access the grounds.  Each guest will need an individual ticket as well.

Q: "Is there food for sale at the races?"
A:  Food sales will not be available at the Fall race.

Q: "What about caterers?"
A: Please see the hospitality tab under Race Day Information for a current list of caterers for the event.

Q: Can I rent tables and chairs?"
A: All tables and chairs must be ordered through the Virginia Gold Cup equipment provider, Commonwealth  Event Co., 804-264-6621.

Q: "What about restrooms?"
A: While free public sanitary facilities will be available onsite, private portable restrooms may be ordered for tents and some reserved spaces.

Q: "What do people wear?"
A: Afternoon dress is suggested for this event. All Guests are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather.  Guests in Member's Hill enclosure wear flat heels or boots.  Men wear sport coats or jacket and ties. Women are recommended to wear a dressy sportswear look.  Attire in the north or south rails areas is marginally more relaxed.  Jeans are rarely seen at Gold Cup.

Prohibited items at the races:
~ No PETS - we love our dogs too but they need to stay home.
~ Personal Tents, Grills, Balloons, Banners and Music.




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